Robotic Process Automation
Leave repetitive and monotonous jobs to the machines

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the application of software with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine language learning abilities to a large amount of data, recur tasks that previously required humans to perform. These activities include queries, calculations, and maintenance of records.

With robotics, 70 to 80 % of manual workloads can be automated, which makes the enormous amount of brainpower of your staff available to bring your company the best possible benefit.

Robotic Process Automation can help your organisation in many ways such as :
  • Automation of manual data-entry processes for data from various sources.
  • Integration between different systems
  • Permit processes to be completed much more rapidly
  • Improved efficiency by digitizing and auditing process data
  • Cost savings for manual and repetitive tasks
  • Help you to get more productive Employees
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How does ITPlusPoint helps you

RPA is one of the tools in our automation toolkit. Business activities mostly start with extracting data and finish with releasing data, and ITPlusPoint makes RPA easily apply to business processes that tap into legacy applications.

Internet Things
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How RPA helps transforming your Organisation
A robot works round the clock
Processes can be done faster than carrying them out manually
Savings on "off-shore" resources
Savings on "on-shore" resources