Application Testing

Crowd testing is an upcoming trend in application testing which exhibits the benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency of crowdsourcing platform. Crowdsourcing refers to requesting a crowd to perform a task rather than hiring consultants. The application is tested under diverse real-time platforms which makes it more reliable, cost-efficient, quicker and bug-free as well.

Advantages of Crowd Testing

  • Real-time and instant feedback from the real world.
  • With crowdsourced testing, testers automatically test your projects on diverse platforms.
  • It is cost effective, as the Client pays only for the valid bugs reported.
  • The testers are diverse with variations in languages. This helps in testing applications based on localization.
  • As testing is done by a large number of testers simultaneously, testing results are faster and market reach is quicker as well.
  • Crowd testing leads to enhanced productivity
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Application Testing
Benefits you can avail as a Client

Access to Expert Resources: With Crowdsourced testing, our Clients can access resources with varying degrees of expertise in diverse fields.

Cost Effective: Our Clients pay only for the valid bugs and the testing process usually completes in a short span of time which leads to significant cost reduction as compared to hiring in-house testers.

Lesser Time to access market: The number of testers involved in crowd testing is usually very high and all of them work simultaneously, hence the testing process completes very quickly thereby reducing the time to access market.

Flexibility: Crowdsourced testers are located in different time zones across the world due to which they are accessible throughout the day, which in turn proves extremely beneficial during strict timelines.

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