Blockchain brings a lot of promise as a technology as it is considered as the most secure framework for any transactions. Each record is a block which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains cryptography hash of previous block, timestamps and transaction data. Blockchain software digitizes all your information in form of Blocks, which are interconnected like a chain. you can access all your data, records from one source –it can be your Tax payments, Health records, Card transactions, Identification Records and Blockchain solutions will enable you to access it through a common digital asset. ITPlusPoint’s team is very passionate in utilizing its technical capabilities, product mindset and expertise by implementing Blockchain solutions across the organization to empower their clients with real business value.

The base of blockchain lies on Peer-2-Peer (P2P) topology and uses (DLT) Distributed Ledger Technology which enables data storage on multiple servers, across the globe. It also allows real-time tracking of any changes that are being made by anybody on the ledgers thereby making it almost impossible for anyone to have full control of the network or its data.

Blockchain technology enables Business transactions based on three fundamental principles:

  • Trust – Data cannot be hacked/tampered and genuine information is always available.
  • Transparency – As a business/organization, you are always open to your channel partners and vice versa.
  • Accountability – Sharing of confidential information only to recommended users.
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ITPlusPoint realizes the performance and growth of Blockchain as most secured technological platform that can easily drive many industries.

  • We develop and design ‘Smart Contracts’ thereby completely automating your processes with increased transparency and decentralization.
  • We develop world-class Decentralized Application with enhanced features which makes it most trustworthy and secure.